Desire for Pharmaceuticals Distributors & for Retail Medical Shops

This product of desire covers all the requirements of all the Pharmaceuticals Distributors, wholesellers,and Retailers. This is complete accounting and inventory management software with the following Features.

The Purchase bill will keep the complete track of all your incoming stock with the following options:

Faclity to enter the purchase vouher with complete details batch wise, expiry wsie,
Automatic Rates Formulation of Basic, Pur, Sale & Mrp.
Facility of extra rates like Rate1, Rate2, Rate3, Rate4, etc.
Check on last purchase rate and purchase schemes supplier wise.
Multi searching option of a bill like search on the basis Date wise, Bill wise, Item wise, Supplier Wise,etc.
Auto Retrieval of Purchase Challan and Purchase order in Purchase bill.

The Sale bill will keep track of all your outgoing stock with the following Features:

Facility to create multiple bill books.
Option to choose the salesman at the time of billing.
Adjustment of columns as per the bill books.
Bill book+company wise setting,
Bill book +customer wise setting,
Bill book+godwon wise setting,
Last rate prompt and schemes prompt customer wise at the time of billing.
Batch selection at the time of biling.
Lifo or fifo method of stock at the time of billing.
Check the Complete Previous sale & Purchase summary “Lot+ item wise” at the time of lot Selection in billing.

1. Cash Receipts Vouchers.
2. Cash Payment Vouchers.
3. Cheque Receipts Vouchers.
4. Cheque Payment Vouchers.
5. Journal Vouchers.
6. Debit /credit note.
Above all vouchers with predefined printing.
Pre defined multiple narrations.
Net rate options in billing.
Complete breakups of Sales and taxes in billing printout
Dos & laser, thermal printing.

Accounts Reports.
Ledger of an account.
Cash /bank book.
Outstanding report consolidated, bill wise, agent wise.
Trail balance.
Trading & profit& loss account.
Balance sheet.
Ledger item wise with interest rate calculation.
Customer/supplier’s directory with complete details.
Sales Reports.
Sale summary.
Sale summary item wise.
Sale summary party wise.
Sale summary company wise.
Sale summary group wise.
Profitability reports item wise.
Profitability report bill wise.
Profitability report customer day wise.
Sale tax register bill wise/month wise /date wise, consolidated.
Vat forms.
Dispatch summary.

Purchase Summary.
Purchase summary item wise, company wise, group wise.
Purchase tax registers bill wise/month wise/date wise.

Product wise stock and sale report with valuation on multiple rates.
Stock ledger date wise.
Stock report item wise.
Stock report batch wise.
Stock report Company wise
Stock report group wise.
Expiry report.

Each & every reports are transferable to excel, word, Pdf and crystal forms.
Auto backup facility at the time of logout from the software with time and date wise.
Multi user facility, with locking system.
Auto mailing facility in reports.
Sms facility with each and every voucher.